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additional information of Japanese industry :

the japanese industry if spectaculary raising in 1930.having 75 years ago,the factory production cuasy non existing;now Japan stayed at pair of principal european industrialist countries.the japanese industry are changed in quality and quantity: in 1920the textile industry are the most important nad the country are knowed only for manufacturer of wool and silk products,fabrics,fans,toys and others similars.but during 1939,the industrial production why augemnto in more of 100% in metala articles and chemical products.the industrial occupation if duplicated between 1929-1942,while as why heavy industry ampled of one production valued in near at of 700,000,000 of Us Dollar in 1931,to 3,700,000,000 of Us Dollar in 1940.still guiving place at inflationary prices,this indicate one profits of 400% in heavy industry between 1937 to 1940 in one same time,of these extraordinaire raising og heavy industry,and downing of 26% in comsumpt articles between 1937-1940,the textile industry mantain your principal place in workers occupation,for employed at more of 1,000,000 workers or surrond of one 1/3 of industrial workers force.

the raising of Japanese industry remember much the period of Industrial revolution in England during XVIII.the industrial profits are fantastic raisin,in percentages and totals.but these developed having never occured without one aboundant source of low priced and docil manpower and convenient acces to prime materials of vital needed why regulary no encuonter in Japan.both factors poses important in these rapid develop in local industry.

the common japanese industrial worker,working long work hours and receiving low salaires.before at 1940,more of 90% of Workers receiving less of 7 Us Dollar per last years the remunerations augment cuasy the 50% but the real salaires,-articles and services why can to adquired for these salaires-descend more of your normal peacetimes the Japanese workers poses more or less one work week of 56 hours ,comparing with 35 hours in United States or 39 in France.the conflict revealed one grave scarcy of specialized workers.

one important caracteristique of Japanese Industry if quantity of factory production in little scale why subsist.before at 1941,more of middle of workers stayed employed in handcraft and house industry and little workshops why employed ones less 5 workers.the women work if important in these type of industry and the great industry also used these sistem for provided some prime materials,in particular in Rayon or cotton areas.